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Messaging to Attract Your Prospect’s Attention

What’s the best way to capture, and hold someone’s attention?

I was out for a walk and noticed the lawn signs that contractors put up when they do work at a house. I started to pay attention to which signs I was attracted to and which did not interest me. I learned a powerful lesson in messaging and how to communicate with the people you interact with as I walked.

I saw a lot of signs, I’m going to focus on two signs in particular. They are both local painters.

The first sign was for Alberto Del Priore. Looking at the sign it was clear that someone spent a lot of time designing it. It isn’t a standard rectangle and it uses a variety of font types and sizes. There are three colors on it, in addition to their rainbow logo. According to the sign, they’ve been in business since 1965, are the finest interior painters, and do custom painting, restoration and wall coverings. They do not subcontract and are licensed. The sign includes the company’s phone number and website. Lots of great information. I got the feeling that these guys know their craft and do quality work.

The second sign I saw was for Wilber’s Painting. It was a simple rectangular sign and very straight forward. It has the company’s name and phone number with the words “Painting Interior and Exterior”. It includes their New Jersey license number in a tiny font. It only has two colors on it. From the sign, I could not get a sense of how good their work would be.

The second sign was better. Here’s why.

It was clear. I was immediately able to understand what they do and determine if I was in the market for the service being offered. If I was, I knew how to get more information.

Remember, these signs are lawn signs and meant to be viewed by someone moving at 25+ miles an hour.

The only reason I noticed the first sign, and was able to understand the first message, was because I was going at an unusually slow pace for that location. If I was driving, I doubt I would have known the sign was for a painter, let alone take in the entire range of services they offer. Wilber’s Painting sign was clear and easy for me to consume. If I was driving past it, and looking for a painter, it would have caught my attention. If I was interested I could have stopped to write down the contact information.

Your prospective clients move fast too. There are many things that vie for their attention from emails, to pop-up ads, phone calls, text messages and even the ideas that cross through their minds. As a business owner you are lucky if they give you a few seconds to grab their attention. It’s your job to make sure that, if you are given the opportunity to present your message, you deliver it clearly and concisely, using as few words as possible in simple language.

Do not go into detail until you have their attention and they’ve stopped to listen to you. It will overwhelm them and muddy your message.

Even though the example I used here is based on physical signs I saw, this holds true however and whenever you interact with a prospect. For instance, if you meet someone at a networking event what you say first needs to be short and easily understood. The person you are talking with needs to be able to determine quickly what you do and whether or not you are someone they want to get to know better. It’s good for you and it’s good for them.

There are certainly times in your business that a longer, more involved and complex message is absolutely appropriate. The first thing you must do, however, is get their attention in the first place.

Here are three takeaways for you to use with your business.

1. Pay attention to where and how your message will be seen or heard. You never have more than a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. There is a huge difference between two and seven seconds.
2. Make it easy for someone to grasp whether or not they need your service. Don’t use fancy words, industry jargon or worse, cute made up words. When you get a few seconds of someone’s time you don’t want them to spend it wondering what you’re talking about.
3. Provide a call to action. Let them know how to get in touch with you or ask you for more information.

More About Interest Rate Cap And How To Take Advantage Of It

Borrowing money either for personal or for business use is now very common in most places. Financial establishments offer several different options for you to take advantage of. And as a borrower, you should know how you can greatly benefit from the options offered. One of the things that you should know about is an interest rate cap.

An interest rate cap serves as a hedge that protects the borrowers from rising short term rates. It works when a variable rate goes over the cap, the cap will be compensated for whatever difference may be between the cap price and the market variable rate. It can also be viewed as an agreement between the provider of the cap and the borrower. It limits the floating interest rate to a set level for a certain time period.

Additionally, an interest rate cap translates to a series of call options on an index of floating interest rates which normally involves 3 or 6 month Libor and it coincides with the rollover dates on the borrower’s floating liabilities. Knowing this will greatly help a borrower stand on his feet again knowing that he will be paying the same all throughout the time period of his loan.

The borrower can greatly benefit from having this cap especially if he is set to pay the borrowed money within a short period of time only. He is protected against the increasing interest rates that most financial establishments add on top of the amount being borrowed. And when the market rates go above the cap rate, you will no longer have to worry because the cap rate provider has to make payments to the borrower or buyer of the cap to bring the interest rate back to the cap level which is actually a very big help and a huge advantage on the borrower’s side.

The cap provider, on the other hand, does not need to make payments as long as the rates are below the cap, so the borrower is left to pay market rates. So now, you can rest assured that you do not need credit approval during this process, although it may involve an auction process with the help of a consultant. And this usually results in highly competitive pricing and terms.

Services to Expect From a Detective Agency

A detective agency, often referred to as a private investigator, offers private individuals and companies with an extensive range of investigation services. In many instances, people don’t realise how many services these companies do offer and how they can help you find the truth in a situation. Based on your unique circumstances, you may find that hiring one of these detective agencies can provide you with the answers you need in order to proceed moving forward.

The first thing that all detective agencies will offer is surveillance. If you are thinking of getting divorced and you have a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you, then one of these agencies will be able to gather evidence to put your mind at ease. They will follow your spouse, document their findings and take photographs to support their evidence. This is something that you can use to give you complete peace of mind.

In the event you believe one of your employees are stealing from you, the agency can conduct a thorough investigation to identify if the allegations are true so you know what steps to take in the long run and where you need to put security measures in place to reduce the risk of this happening to you again in the future.

A good detective agency will help you with tracing services. Whether you have a client which has disappeared owing your company a large sum of money or you have someone who ran off with your car and never transferred it to your name, they will conduct a thorough trace of the person. The trace includes everything from their credit report to their last job to find them for you, so you can take the necessary steps needed.

For those who have met that special someone and want to get married, but are still married and cannot find your spouse, the detective agency will trace them for you so you can present them with the necessary divorce papers. This will give you the ability to marry the person of your dreams and get on with your life.

For companies, detective agencies also provide a wealth of services the main being the background checks that they can carry out for you on potential new employees. It is always worthwhile to carry out essential checks on applicants you are thinking of hiring. This reduces the risk of hiring someone who is known for crimes, especially financial crimes. Knowing the person doesn’t have a police record or that they have a relatively good credit report can give you much needed confidence when offering them the position in your company.

Many of the private investigator companies will provide you with fraud investigation services. Fraud is very serious can completely break a company in more ways than one. An employee carrying out fraud can not only cost the company financially, but it can give them a bad reputation with suppliers and/or customers, which can have a very negative effect on your company’s growth in the long run. These investigators will confirm any allegations, find the evidence you need and provide you with a complete report detailing the fraud, so you can take it to the next level.

In order to help companies boost productivity, there are some top quality detective agencies that offer vehicle tracking services. With these services you can pinpoint where your vehicles are at any given time. This reduces the employees urge to spend the day carrying out their own chores when on the road rather than providing your clients with the services that they expect.

Specialist PI is a team of experienced private investigators based in the United Kingdom. This company comprises of ex-police detectives who offer successful investigation operations and a proven track record to achieving results. The team work together or individuals to ensure that they meet the needs of each of their clients at all times. Specialist PI have offices in London and Oxford where they provide their extensive range of services from fraud investigations to people tracking and vehicle tracking to background checks and so much more

Tips to Conducting an Effective Fraud Investigation

Fraud is a very serious crime committed in companies around the world. People and companies can become unwelcome victims of this form of crime, it can cost a company thousands in damages and can leave them with a very bad reputation with customers, which can have long term negative effects in the long run.

If you think fraud is taking place in your company or it has been brought to your attention that one of your staff members is conducting fraud on a regular basis, then you are going to want to start considering effective fraud investigation services to get to the bottom of the accusations and ensure that it is the truth. The sooner you catch the person carrying out this crime, the sooner you can repair your reputation and ensure it doesn’t have a negative impact moving forward.

In order to conduct an effective fraud investigation, there are a few steps that need to be taken. The first is to identify the issue. Whether you suspect something is going on within your own company or it has been brought to your attention that someone is defrauding you on a daily basis, you will need to identify the issue. Fraud can be someone falsifying cheques and making them out to themselves to double paying staff, when in fact the second pay cheque is banked into their own personal account.

Other form so fraud includes staff members making deals with suppliers, such as placing orders and agreeing on a price and then increasing that price, so that they can take home the difference. The problem is that once someone gets away with the crime the first time, it is easier to carry it out over and over again, draining your company of its cash flow and potentially harming your business in the long run. You need to find the holes in the system, areas where fraud can take place and then identify where your problem is lying right now.

Do not approach the individual immediately, this can give them the time to hid what they have done, crook the books so to speak. Rather start looking around for a reliable fraud investigation service that can carry out the investigation on your behalf. These companies have extensive experience, they know what to look for and are able to provide you with the evidence that you need to confront the employee.

If it is expected that the fraud carried out is severe, it may be worthwhile calling the employee into your office and having a chat to them. It is in this meeting you will want to suspend them until the investigation is over. Tell them the evidence you have in front of you and ensure they are aware you have called in professional fraud investigation services. Make sure that they leave the building immediately and do not have access to any files or computers, so they are unable to back track, hiding the evidence you will need to show that fraud has taken place.

The fraud investigation services team will come in and go through all the books and departments within the company to confirm any allegations. They will identify the severity of the fraud, coming up with all the facts you need. They will document their investigation, giving you a complete report which you can use to let the employee go, relieving them of their duties to the company.

Ensure you choose a reputable company, one with a proven track record in achieving results that you know you can trust to get to the bottom of the investigation and provide you with a complete and accurate report on their findings.

Specialist PI is a team of experienced private investigators based in the United Kingdom. This company comprises of ex-police detectives who offer successful investigation operations and a proven track record to achieving results. The team work together or individuals to ensure that they meet the needs of each of their clients at all times. Specialist PI have offices in London and Oxford where they provide their extensive range of services from fraud investigations to people tracking and vehicle tracking to background checks and so much more

How To Benefit From Effective Capital Growth Management

It is very important in business to earn sufficient cash to fund your operations. However, doing this alone is not enough. It is not enough to simply be able to afford the bills, shoulder the basic costs, and pay your employees on time. It is not enough to simply get even.

If you want to drive your business to its full potential, then you will have to set your sights further. You have to aim for expansion and push for growth. Because when you are in business, staying still and unchanging can be hazardous to your survival. To make growth happen, you will need capital. You will also need to understand what it is and how you can make it work for your business.

If you are a small enterprise or just starting up, you will need to seek capital from the best source available to you. It may come from equity, loans, grants or additional sales or revenue. But for many small and medium-sized businesses, the proven approach to more effective capital growth management is to find the right business banking partner. An internationally recognised commercial bank can help you access financial solutions to implement effective actions to fuel growth in your business.

With this, you can gain the trust of new partners, explore new markets locally or overseas with more confidence, access cross-border funding and other financial services, improve cash flow by bridging the gap during payment settlement period, get expert help in assessing market risks, establish business relationships with the help of letters of credit and guarantees and inject cash into operational finances.

And by the time you get hold of growth capital, you can use it for a variety of projects or endeavours for the business. If you have a great idea, you may channel the funds toward project development which can then lead to new product or service launch.

If you are seeking to improve business efficiency and the quality of your products and services, you can invest in acquiring new assets, from new facilities and technology upgrades to additional equipment, new software or programs, and more. Growth capital may also be used for strengthening vital components of the business. If you’re gearing to reach out to more customers, you can use it to empower your sales and marketing strategy, or expand toward new territories while at the same time, you can also opt to capitalise on human resource

Different Types Of Machinery For Grain Processing

When crops are harvested, several irrelevant items get carried away with them. These items are required to be separated from the crops so as to begin the rest of the process. Various equipments are designed to take care of such process. Grain Processing or Grain Refinement is that process which involves the alignment of grains with the help of grain processing equipment, by introducing more and more grain boundaries which halts the movement of dislocations and improves the strength of the material. However, refining grains degrades the nutrients to a certain extent, which is why whole grains are considered to be more nourished and good for health. The technique of refining Grains is uncomplicated but tedious. It used to consume a lot of time to crush the grains earlier in order to obtain wheat flour. But machines have simplified the task. There are numerous kinds of Grain Machinery available in the market.


It is used for destoning process which is removal of stones and clods from soil ridges. It can be used for a variety of grains such as Rice, Wheat, Paddy, etc. It is helpful in controlling dust from the Rice Mill. It’s fast, reliable, effective, and gives a stable running. There are four types of Destoners:-

  1. Buhler Type Destoner
  2. Highly Effective Destoner
  3. Low Power High Efficiency Destoner
  4. Satake Type Destoner

Pre Cleaner

This Grain Processing machine separates all sorts of big or small dust particles from Wheat, or Paddy. It comes armed with high efficiency blower to suck out all the impurities from the grain. The machine sports a very sturdy design for lifelong durability. It is compact, which gives the user an extra benefit of saving space. Also, the machine doesn’t feature any opening for dust leakage and neither it demands a regular maintenance as compared to traditional cleaners. There are two types of Pre Cleaners:-

  1. Rotary Pre Cleaner
  2. Vibro Cleaner

Gravity Sorter

Gravity sorter or separator is slightly different than its counterparts. The process of this machine differentiates it to a certain extent. It separates diverse grains from admixture, impurities, insect damage, and immature kernels by pressurizing the deck with air. It comes with adjustable air fans to control the volume of air distribution as per the need. The machine is ponderous, thus ensuring lifetime longevity. It demands least maintenance and operates sleekly. There are two kinds of Gravity separators:-

  1. High Efficiency Gravity Sorter
  2. Satake Type Gravity Sorter

General Length Grading

Graders are those efficient machines which can categorize the grains into various categories depending on their length. They are the most relevant part of all modern Rice/Paddy Mills. Through such grading machines, Rice/Paddy can be divided into five different groups as per their extent. The machinery is compact and well-structured and gives stable performance.

Confused? Here Are the Different Business Ideas You Can Start

We all like the idea of having control over our time, working when we want and how we want to, and doing things at our own pace. These are good reasons to start your very own business. Then again, you may wonder what kind of business you should go into.

Well, there are actually a lot of business ideas out there. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for you. Just know that some businesses can give you heaps of profit, while others are only good for adding some cash to the income you already have. But whatever your goal may be, here are five business ideas for you to choose from.

Part-Time Businesses

Many people who want to start their own businesses also are employed. This means they cannot devote all of their time for their businesses. If you happen to be one of those people, consider starting a part-time business. The good thing about this is that you have full control of everything. You can set the standards, operating procedures, and targets yourself. Having a part-time business also involves having only a few staff, making management and performance monitoring easier. However, you need to really make time for the business, otherwise it will die out sooner than later. Also ensure that you don’t just treat it as a hobby. Treat it seriously, and it will seriously reward you soon enough!

Home-Based Startups

Thanks to the internet and mobile technology these days, your business may no longer need an office. You can run them from anywhere – even from your house! Many business ideas these days are based solely online, so it’s wise to cash into this trend yourself.

You could run a business based on the skills you have. For example, if you have a knack for graphic design, you can set up an online graphic design business. You may need to invest on some equipment, like a graphics tablet or better parts for your home PC. Even then, this is still a small investment compared to the capital you need for franchises and bigger businesses.

Low-Cost Businesses

If you’re a new entrepreneur on a tight budget, don’t worry. There are businesses that you can start for under £10,000 these days. There are even some that you can start without any capital outlay. Most probably you already have a PC or laptop, so you can start out being a freelance copywriter. If you have teaching experience, you could offer services as a personal tutor. And if you have a penchant for design, you can run a small graphic design business from home, just like the example above. Other good areas to start a business include green (environment friendly) industries, online advertising, and online retail.


Running a franchise means you have to commit to it full-time. It is expensive, after all, so you don’t want your sizeable investment to go to waste. Despite the hefty price, there are some great advantages to it. One is the support and training you get from big-name brands. Another is their proven business model; you just have to follow it to get the franchise going. Additionally, you have the brand’s popularity to go with you. This means you don’t have to spend too much time on advertising and promotion, because the brand has already made a name for itself in the global market. The people who already know about the brand (and that’s a lot of people) serve as your client base as well.

Buying an Existing Business

This has a lot less risk than starting a new business from scratch. But of course, you have to make sure that the business you’re about to buy is legal, sound, and has the potential to give good returns. Most importantly, make sure that you can call it your own. After all, your objective is not to buy a job in a different company; you want to buy the proper business. If you can’t take charge of it, then it’s just as if you were working for another boss.

Just like in franchising, the business you will buy already has an established business model and client base. That takes a lot of the weight off of you, and you can focus on providing great quality and service to your customers. But unlike a franchise, you do not have to conform to a system; you can create your own rules. The legal rights to all aspects of the business are yours. You are free to run the business however you want to. You can even go as far as rebranding the business, which is really a way of calling it your own.

Do you now have an idea of what business you can start? Depending on your budget, your skills, what you take pride in doing, and your goals in the future, there will always be a business idea that’s just right for you. Starting your own business is also the best way to become financially free, so better get going as early as you can!

Tips on Setting Realistic Business Goals

When it comes to setting business goals, it can be tricky to find that middle ground. If you set goals that are too high, you might get discouraged. If you set them too low, you may end up bored or complacent, or disillusioned with your business. So how do you strike a balance? Here are some tips.

1. What do you want?

First, you need to determine what you want. Go ahead and brainstorm – make a list as you do. Put it down on paper and don’t hold back.

2. Assess your list

Now, take a look at your list. Make a sub-list of steps you have to take to reach each of those goals and dreams. Are there some items on your dream list that involve steps you can’t take? If you cannot take the steps necessary to achieve that goal, then it needs to be modified or removed from your list.

3. Strategize

As you are making your sub-list of steps, you need to develop definite strategies for those items on your dream list that are achievable. Being able to see what is necessary to achieve that dream can help you decide whether or not to pursue it. The strategy may in fact be doable, but you are unwilling to take those steps for personal reasons. That is fine; it’s your list and your goals.

Go ahead and don’t judge yourself – if you can’t/don’t want to adopt a certain strategy for your own reasons, then cross that goal off the list. The point is to narrow things down.

4. Timeline

Determine a timeline for your goals. Do you need to make more money right now, as in this month? Or do you have more long-term goals, such as eventually quitting your day job? On your master list, write down your timeline. This will help you further narrow things down – if the goal can’t be reached within your allotted time, then it doesn’t belong on your list of goals.

5. Know yourself

One of the keys to succeeding is to be really honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we think we can do it all, or do anything… and other times we think we can’t do anything. Neither of these extremes is likely to be true! If you can, ask others what they think they can see you doing. Once again, break out your pencil – list things you like to do and abilities you feel confident about. Just about any skill or attribute can be channeled into helping your business succeed.

These list-making exercises can help narrow down your goals and keep them realistic and reachable.

Healthy Employees Means Healthy Business

Is your employee’s health a liability for your company? Have that one person in the office who is always calling in sick? You can’t force employees to exercise or eat healthy, but you can certainly encourage healthier behaviors. By offering healthier snacking options and incentives for healthy decisions, you can not only boost the morale of your team, but also help to keep your business running smoothly.

Wellness programs are a growing trend in the work place. These programs offer many different benefits to the employees as well as workers themselves. High cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure and lack of exercise are just a few of the typical employee health risks. In fact, according to MediFit, 70-90% of health care spending is caused by preventable, modifiable health risks. By enforcing a wellness program in your office, you can help eliminate many of these risks, leading to a happier, more efficient and most importantly healthier work place!

Many jobs involve sitting at a desk for long periods of time, short, unhealthy lunches, and everyone catching that same bug that’s been going around. Just making a few simple changes such as starting a walking lunch group where before your break you all walk around the building for 5 minutes, or cutting back on the number of donuts in the break room can make significant changes. While there are many different ways to go about making your officer healthier, it’s best to test different options and slowly introduce healthier programs to see what works best in your company.

One great way to help promote healthier habits in your work space is to offer employees healthier options. Many offices have vending machines full of pop, chips, candy bars, and the like. When employees are crunched for time or forget to pack their lunch, they are likely to go straight for these unhealthy options. Many companies now-a-days are offering “healthy vending”. These machines are stocked with many natural, organic, even gluten free options that are better for employees but taste great. This simple change in machines can help ignite a spark in your employees to make healthier decisions and realize that healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

Not only are these healthier options going to be good for your employees, they also benefit the business as a whole. Sugary snacks and drinks may give employees that burst of energy they need, but often lead to a crash which makes them less productive than they were before. Consistently bad eating habits and lack of exercise can lead to many healthy issues and poor immune systems meaning employees take far more sick days and let’s face it, once one person gets sick, they all get sick. Natural foods full of protein and natural sugars are proven to boost energy and keep it going longer than sugary snacks making employees that much more productive. By promoting a healthier workspace, you are helping to eliminate some of these problems which means you’re not only improving the lives of your employees, but also the life of your business.

No matter what actions you take, even the simplest changes can be a great stepping stone to a healthier and happier work environment. From short walks to a vending overhaul, every little bit helps. So do some research and get on your way to a healthier workplace!

The Probate Process In A Nutshell

The process, by which a decedent’s estate is administered, is commonly known as “Probate”. It helps to settle the debts of decedents and legal title is given to the property of the decedent. It prevents the property from getting distributed among heirs and beneficiaries.

The probate process begins only if a decedent had a will and had a property subject to probate. It starts when the will is presented by the executor for probate. It should be presented in the courthouse in that country where the decedent owned property or lived. In case there is no will, the court should be asked to appoint someone as administrator of the decedent’s estate. Often such an administrator becomes an adult child or spouse of the decedent. Once the legal court appoints, the executor becomes the legal representative of the estate for continuing probate process.

The Four Basics Steps to Probate

File a petition and give notice to heirs and beneficiaries

The probate process starts with the petition filing with the court either to appoint an executor or to appoint an administrator of the estate, if there is no will. All the beneficiaries and heirs of the decedent must be provided to with a notice of the court hearing about the petition. If any beneficiary or heir raises any objection to the petition, he has the option to do so in the court. Generally, the local newspaper publishes the notice of hearing. In this way, the unknown creditors of the decedent get notified of the starting of the proceeding.

Following appointment by the court, all the known creditors of the estate must be given notice by the personal representative.

Based upon the state law, all the creditors of the estate should be given written notice by the personal representative. If any creditor wants to lodge a claim regarding assets of the estate can do so but within a particular period of time. All the probate property of the decedent is taken that includes bonds, business interests, real property, stocks and other assets.

All estate and taxes, debts and funnel expenses must be paid

It is determined by the personal representative that which creditor’s claims are legitimate and pay those from the estate. In some cases, a personal representative gets the permission to sell assets of the estate for satisfying decedent’s obligations.

Transfer to legal title in property

If all bills and claims are paid, the court is petitioned by the personal representative to transfer the assets to beneficiaries as mentioned in the last will of the decedent, according to the law or under the laws of intestacy.

Thus, in order to simplify probate process, properly drafted will, organized records of debts and updated account should be maintained.